CNC Services

Concept to Production
We can work with you to turn your ideas into reality. We have experience in bringing ideas like yours to life and turning them into real production items produced in quantity.

  • Marine: hull, deck, hatch and furniture Moulds
  • Sub Sea: flotation units for ROV’s
  • Architectural: signage and facades
  • Artistic: sculptures
  • Modelling: architecture imaging, scale models and prototyping
  • Industrial: foundry patterns and high speed product trimming
  • Development: prototyping and concept proving

Model Making
We can produce quickly and economically samples or models to do proof of concept.

Prototyping and Pre-production sampling
Using the wide range of resources available to us we can build off tool samples using low volume techniques that will allow proper assessment of function and performance.

Limited production
We can build economically in small volume real parts that can be used in market tests or in high value applications.

Idea to Concept